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Denglun, why are you wearing your clothes?

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摘要: Applying the "blood case caused by a steamed bread," we can say that "Feng Shen Romance" is "a bloody case triggered by a obscene poem." Its starring stars include: a goddess who brushes t ...
Applying the "blood case caused by a steamed bread," we can say that "Feng Shen Romance" is "a bloody case triggered by a obscene poem." Its starring stars include: a goddess who brushes the sense of existence, a fox demon who is led by the pit, a king who lacks love, and a Ji Chang who loves to count.

"Feng Shen Romance" is like a "net" in Lu Xun's eyes, and the evaluation is not very high. "It seems that the purpose is to perform history, and to talk about gods and monsters, and to create things that are false, but it is not a dispute between the Shang and Zhou dynasties." However, this does not affect its broad mass base.
The note "Jiang Taigong is here, there is no taboo" is very common in the early years. The god of wealth, Zhao Gongming, the ambassador of the cabbage, Bigan, and Kirin's three goddesses, their temples are also everywhere. It is no surprise that Niegannu believes that "Feng Shen Romance" has "lost the meaning of the novel and has become a classic of history."
In the imagination of this Shang Dynasty culture, various versions of film and television dramas have created countless topics for recreation. For example, Fu Yiwei's version of "The Seal of God" is always dressed in an ancient Roman bath; Chen Haomin's version of "Love for the Son" makes you feel that "there is only mother in the world"; Fan Bingbing and Lin Xinru's version of "The Seal of God" is the "temptation to go home" of the two kings; Chen Jianfeng's version of "The Heroes of God" is obsessed with the action of Balala's little devil; The movie version of "Legend of God" is more like "The Birth of Raytheon."
This is not, Luojin's version of "Feng Shen Romance", Erlang God has become a protagonist. Not only is the hybrid of Taohuaxianziyaoji and the mortal general in the sky, but also the first lover of Sudaji's childhood sweetheart, but also the thorn in the eye of the king who wants to get rid of it. To give Yangjianjia so many plays, why not change the name to "The Legend of Erlang God"!
In addition to the fact that the king played against the son-in-law's story, even the nine-tailed Fox of Xuanyuanfen had no trace. On the contrary, Denglunyan's male Fox demon is particularly thrilling, and hard sugar can not help but think of an ancient early online article "I and I have robbed men." In contrast to the regular Wanglikun version of himself, the male Fox demon Denglun really has a little "pressure" suspicion.
Erlang Legend
The new version of "Feng Shen", our "Changwei"(Zouzhaolong) has become the king of Yu, this can be rightly known as the martial arts. In the first episode, the king held a human sacrifice in the palace. Than dry and the neutrino Qi spit the cruel King, "God is good to live, the earth moistens things." Come on, aren't you a slave society? All kinds of people in the Shang Dynasty.
Even if the original book of "Feng Shen Yan" is a villain, he is well received before he enters the palace. Moreover, the DPRK and China ministers have never criticized the sacrificial activities, but they were dissatisfied with the later "loyalty and loyalty." We think that in the new "Feng Shen", the king is to be black in the end.
Next, the meteorite fell to the ground and the "Zhen Man" responsible for divination said that this was an ominous sign. The king killed him with a knife. Then under the lewd power of the king, the priestess had to say, "The meteorite fell to the ground and God blessed the merchants." However, the king was still guilty of the "unknown" prophecy and ordered the killing of newborns ten miles around the meteorite.
The day when the meteorite fell, it was also when Xiao Yang fell to the ground. Mother Yao Ji just got out of the delivery room and was about to flee. When Feizhong led the troops to siege, the Fox demon virtual(Denglunshi) shot back the crowd and used the Gourd to collect Yao Ji's soul. When he was waiting to be used, Yuanshitianzun came to the people. In exchange for "Zixu can appear during the day", Yao Ji was rescued.
As a lover of Yuanshitianzun, Yao Ji received an "internal warning". The child Yang Lan, who she was thinking about, had been rescued by her dead husband's brother Suhu. When she returned home, Mrs. Su first dismissed Yang Lan as a curse and could not stay. After a while, she claimed to be "I am already his mother." It turned out that Mrs. Su was conquered by the clear eyes of Xiao Yang Lan!
Twenty years later, Xiao Yang's clear eyes disappeared and became the "President's gaze" of greasy evil spirits. Sudaji also became a well-known love ambassador and often attended charity events in Zhangzhou City. At this time, the new "Feng Shen" made people's lines come out:
The poor mother took over the food she had handed over and sighed, "The girl is so kind. I want to pray for you, but I can't afford incense." I will pray for you in my heart. If the big mother has some understanding of nodding, "just have a heart, thank you." Ma'am, don't you have someone to thank? Because "no smell" is the other way around.
Wu Ji, Yang Lan, and Suhu jointly drove away the Fox demon who had made trouble. Suhu thanked him: "This hero, thank you for your help." Bukit refused, "I told you, I'm not a hero". Suhu immediately changed his words "this Ronin, thank you for your help." Wait, Ronin? Screenwriter, you're not watching too much day. Even if it is to take the extended meaning of "uncertainty", is it not so good to replace it with "chivalrous man"?
Male Fox teaches himself
In the new "Feng Shen", the setting of the male Fox demon is also subversive. First, change from woman to man. Secondly, she did not get the advice of the son-in-law. In the end, the Fox demon and <UNK> have reached a "strategic alliance" relationship. That is, the male Fox demon has helped to obtain the favor of the king, and he has finally given his own soul for the other party to suck.
In the original book, the Fox essence is just a demon who is used by the son-in-law to call and drink at any time. However, in the new "Feng Shen", his magic power is amazing, and even Yuan Shi Tian Zun must give a little face. When killing soldiers in the woods, he even said to Feizhong, "I am not a man or a fairy, and I am alone in the sky and the earth."
This change is actually the reconstruction of the original "power pattern." If the Fox demon becomes so powerful, will he still "stand in line" in the battle of God? The gender conversion, the difficulty of the drama series is how to "wipe the male Fox demon to guide the female prostitute to seduce the king" the esoteric feeling. After all, the Fox demon wants to get his own soul, and the king wants to get his own body, saying that "love triangle" seems to be wrong.
Sudaji's motives for entering the palace were also changed by the new "Feng Shen". In the original book, including most of the previous dramas, Sudaji's motivation for entering the palace was to "avoid the destruction of the city's lives." This time, the brutal king of Yu carried out a massacre and Su's mother died. The purpose of her entry into the palace became "revenge for the slaughter of the city." An innocent girl changed to "revenge black Lotus" for a second, deliberately feeling full.
In the portrayal of Yang Lan, the new "Feng Shen" is quite uncaring. The smile of Uncle Luojin's evil spirits did not speak for the first time. Just the story of recruiting masters in front of the door to "fight against the group" was like SKR people. Yang Lan and Wu Ji played against each other and were surrendered by the other party to get rid of the personality of "rebellious and unruly". This set of jumps is even more abrupt than the "four-frame comics." When Suhu left, he gave Xuanyuanjian to Yang Lan, which was full of "false sense of mission."
We do not need to guess, the final story is also the same: after experiencing the massacre, Sudaji went to the palace to seek revenge, while Yang Lan raised the banner of anti-business. The lovers of the "brothers and sisters and lovers" carried out "internal and external attacks" on the rule of the king. Yang Lan opened all the way and finally opened the eyes of the sky and became the first battle of cutting. Da has been all the way black, finally lost in the erotic game, defiled the innocent heart.
In the course of the development of the plot, the bottom line of the opposition between good and evil is missing, and the main purpose of the people for the country is at the edge. In addition to the large structure carried from the "Feng Shen Romance," how is this drama different from other ancient illusions? How many "magic changes" there are still unknown, but there are already many problems left in the first two episodes.
The remake works represented by the new "Feng Shen", including the "New White" that was previously poisoned by the hard sugar King, have in fact exposed a round of despicable pandering to popular culture. The original multivariate theme was ossified into "upgrading and playing strange relationships." After watching the drama, there are no characters and no stories. There are only big scenes, big productions, and big color blocks.
"Feng Shen" Metamorphosis
God has been sealed for many years and there are many versions. From the TVB version in 1981 to the Luojin version in 2019, about 10 TV dramas were born in 38 years. In video production, there are roughly three modes of "Feng Shen Romance": literal translation, free translation, and variant.
The literal translation emphasizes "respect for the original code."







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